Why Customer Testimonials are Important to Your Business Website? 3

Customer testimonials are important to your online marketing program, and their importance and impact to your online business is growing.  People have always asked friends, co-workers, neighbours for recommendations on reliable services or products.  Customer testimonials are basically word of mouth marketing expanded to include anyone with a computer, smart phone or tablet computer.

Using a Custom Page, you can create a Customer Testimonials page using Web Dashboard in BusinessZoom.  It is very easy and straight forward.  As usual, once you are logged into Business Dashboard, click on your Web Dashboard.  From there, add a custom page.  You can name the page with something like “Testimonials” or similar.  Add your customer testimonial items, click on Publish then Save.  It’s that easy.

To understand more about the page structure in BusinessZoom, read on the following article available on the Help Centre – “Understanding the Page Structure.

By the way, we just added in our own BusinessZoom Customer Testimonials.  You can view the page on our gallery site.

3 thoughts on “Why Customer Testimonials are Important to Your Business Website?

  1. Jonah Feb 1,2012 6:04 am

    Very true indeed… Get your customers talk about you. About what makes you different with other… What services you offer others aren’t… It always goes a long way. There is no better way of getting more business than by making sure your customers are raving about you!

  2. mmminja Sep 15,2012 6:25 am

    Hi, I’ve heard and and read about the Coffs Harbour Web Design Agency and based on reports, customer testimonials, reviews and statistics they seem to be the best choice. Above that, I heard they only charged $200 – $250 per website. If this is true, can someone please provide me an honest opinion and link to their website? 🙂 thank you in advance

  3. Johnky J Aug 24,2013 11:56 pm

    I’m creating an internet site in my dad’s plumber and we’re also searching for other affordable and/reely methods to market his company. It’s not a brand new company (he’s been around for 21 years) but he wants a method to boost subscriber base, both in a commercial sense and residentially. Apart from free web advertisements and creating a website, the other ways can he market his company? From the customer perspective, what things do you love to hear when looking for a plumber or any contractor? And just what things could be ideal to determine on the plumber’s website?

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