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Website makeovers are exciting!  Whether a personal makeover, update house or web design Рmakeovers are a part of doing business in the 21st century. Like many houses in makeover programs, some business websites simply need a makeover. Getting a website redesign does not mean that the business itself is not to offer an amazing job, it might even be the best in your industry, it just means they are not articulating digitally yet.

Before jumping to that huge investment, stop and review plans for your website from the perspective of buyers.  What are they looking for and what makes them reach out and contact you? What has to be in place so that you can get more leads? Before deciding on the bells and whistles, compare your changes to what buyers want in place.

On the Internet, there is a fine line between “good” and “better.” It is not always easy to know when your website is due to a makeover. We checked in with experts to find the three indications yours need a facelift.

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You are noticing a decrease in visitor traffic

“If you are noticing a decline in traffic and search engine rankings could mean you’re not creating enough online ‘buzz'” said James Wall, Director of Ecommerce Solutions for Digital Ideas Bank, an SEO company and web design.

“It may be time to reconsider not only the content of the site, but its ease of use and to ensure that both are sufficiently convincing to other sites and link to talk about,” he explained.

Companies are seeing a decline in pages viewed per visit have to think about what your site is easy to pass through. Users may have trouble navigating it or cannot find the relevant content.

With so many tools available, all companies must have analytics software metrics tracking your website. Whether the traffic is coming from, so users can click on the pages or how long they spend on each page of the site, all this data is significant and can provide valuable data about your company offers.

Watch the following video on how BusinessZoom could help you with promoting your business via online site:


Your site is not ready for tablets or smartphones

“As with any business deal, knowing your audience is vital to produce a great web experience,” says Annette Taylor, CEO of SEM Research, a marketing company based in Melbourne strategy.

“A company must adapt its digital offering to suit your customers and prospects: If the investigation reveals that customers are focused digitally and spend 12 hours a day on a tablet, optimized tablet experience,” said Taylor.

“If a company’s site does not offer a proper mobile experience, will miss the opportunity to capture the attention of a potential customer,” Taylor continued.

Websites today should always climb to the width of the browser on a desktop either large or small smartphone.


You have a blog out of date

“Blogs are one of the most risky to include on the website of the brand, due to lack of understanding of how much time it really takes to maintain,” said Taylor.

“When a customer visits the blog on your site and see that there have been published in two months, just the fact that you cannot keep your own marketing strategy,” she added.

Companies with outdated content on your site seems to be “dropping the ball”, no matter how strong you can be content, said Taylor. It seems that a company does not care enough to make the effort, which is the last thing that a brand should convey.



If the vast majority of consumers are using online channels to find bargains – and your business has no presence on the Internet – could also close. Not being found in searches is the equivalent of 21 of a business does not have a phone line or the telephone directory listing and advertising in the 1980s. If you need help with makeovers web site, please contact BusinessZoom ASAP.

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  1. Busy Mum Apr 17,2013 8:33 pm

    Great posting! I definitely need to makeover my website. I’m just now really getting the hang of web design.

  2. Kelly Apr 18,2013 11:31 am

    I like that you provided the site examples. The sites really shows how color, layout and quality touch makes a massive difference!

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