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Finding new leads or customers could be a challenge for small business owners. Small business owners like electricians, beauty shops, building contractors or tax accountants need continuous new sales to boost their business and keep it running. When your website is rolled out, you may start to look at opportunities to leverage your Internet presence and promote your business further. What could you do as a business owner to use your online presence, introduce your business and grab new customers? The following article shows some tips to use local business listings to promote your business.


Local business listings or sites are very popular among small businesses because these sites are one of the places used by consumers to look for goods or services. Some sites have particular features such as search capability, customer reviews and featured businesses to entice customer and provide better interactive engagements. Many listings come with map as their standard feature. With this, customers can easily find nearby shops and make business enquiries.

Free business listing
Many sites have contact forms to capture customer’s questions or feedback. Majority of these business listing services come at no costs. Some premium services such as listing as featured business could attract some costs though. To assist you in finding a good place to start listing your business, below are some great local listing options for Australian businesses.


1) Yahoo! Basic Listings
Yahoo! Basic Listings are available for free. You need to provide your business contact information, including address, phone number, and URL. The listing is easy and simple to create and manage. Yahoo! Basic Listing can be your first step to promote your site and business on the Internet.


2. Google Places for Business
Google Places for Business provides you access to free tools that help your business get online, be found on Google Search and Maps and get closer to your customers. It is one of the easier ways to manage your business across Google. The basic feature is available at no cost. There is also premium feature that allows online advertising using AdWords Express and Google Offers.


3. Yelp Australia
Yelp Business Accounts offer a suite of free tools for businesses. According to their data, over 102 million people visited Yelp in Q1/2013 to make spending decisions. Yelp has presence in Australia and can assist you in promoting your business.


4. TrueLocal
TrueLocal is an online directory of Australian businesses. Based on their website, 8.6 million business searches are made across the TrueLocal network each month. TrueLocal has free business listing that you can use to promote your products or services.


Additionally, make sure you’re listed on in your local area. It’s one of the fastest local business listing. Many businesses from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth are getting positive results from their listing. Make sure you don’t miss out their free services.


As a summary, if you don’t have any listing yet, get on the Internet and start putting up your website and business on the local directories. You can also ask some of your regular customers or clients to provide you a positive review on the local directories. Make sure you list your main products or services and complete your listing on some main directories to show your customers your great products or services. Just remember, a complete listing will also be better positioned on search engine results.

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  1. PillowMan1234 Jun 30,2013 7:47 am

    I have my own business (website for fixing/building computers) and i haven’t really got that much money left from buying all my tools i needed. Is there any way i could advertise my business for free? I can’t afford going in my local newspaper. is there any other ways???
    I aiming on Google 🙂

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