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Have you recently published your first website? As a business owner, the next question that you might ask is, how to get my customers visit my website? Every business needs customers. Advertising your business on the Internet is as critical as marketing your products or services elsewhere. If you want to have a profitable business, advertising is one of the main marketing ways to get new customers. If your marketing budget is tight, check the following five tips to promote your local business with minimum or no budget at all.

1) List it on Major Search Engine directories such as Google My Business or Bing Places for Business

Major Search Engines like Google or Bing have free directories for Australian businesses. You can list your business for free and get your customers find you. Add your business, address, photos and description so your customers will be able to find you easily and quickly. This way will also assist your site get indexed and ranked higher more quickly. Google My Business will need to verify your address. They will send you a letter and PIN. Once you receive your PIN verification number, your site will be listed. This process usually takes a few weeks to finish. Overall, the process should be straight forward. Look at these two tips in listing on Major Search Engine directories:

Getting started with a local business listing on Google PlacesGetting started with a local business listing on Google PlacesHow to Add A Bing Local Business Listing

How to Add A Bing Local Business Listing

2) List it on the Online Local Classifieds such as StartLocal or TrueLocal

A great place to start advertising your businesses is on local classified sites. Some of the top sites in Australia are Start Local, True Local and Bloo. To promote your business, you can ask your customers to upload reviews. Reviews are getting more important as customers are using these as insights to decide whether to visit your site and buy products or services. Furthermore, being on local classified sites can help you get your business noticed quickly.

3) Buzz it on Social Media

Being on social media is a great and fun way to engage with your customers and help them with any questions that they may have. Pictures and videos also work well and get shared more often than regular status updates. Listing on social media is free and easy to do. At minimum, you should have a Facebook business and Linkedin page setup. As you know, Facebook and Linkedin are some of the largest social network online and it can be a great way to keep in touch with existing customers and to reach new customers. This HubSpot’s article has some great tips in listing on Facebook business page, including video. With Linkedin, you can promote your business indirectly by providing a perspective in group discussions or providing links to relevant content on your website. Take a look at a BusinessZoom article on how to use Linkedin to promote your business.

4) Publish Your Business Videos

Even if there isn’t a creative talent in your body, you can still create engaging and beautiful videos. You could show a PowerPoint presentation, do a screen capture of a tutorial or even try out some free online video maker like Animoto.  Upload to YouTube and share these videos to your social media followers. Check out this tutorial for creating your first free and beautiful video.

5) Write and Publish Articles about Your Business, Products or Services

Write articles that help your clients. Offer advice to help them with their concerns or any questions they might have. Be helpful and give out your best tips. Once someone views you as an expert in your field, they will more likely remember your business and come to you for service or help. Link the articles directly back to your website. Writing an article can be a bit challenging. You can look at some examples of articles about your products or service by searching it using Google Blog Search. Enter search phrase like how to choose a good tax accountant, water heater installation cost, etc. Once you find a good article, you can use it as an example and write a suitable one with some customisations according to your local customer needs and your business capability. Articles can be submitted for free. Some free article sites are:


The above tips to advertise your business is not always the quickest way.  If you are looking for quick results then perhaps paid advertising such as Google Adwords or Facebooks Ads will get you there faster. However social media, articles, videos will create organic advertising and will help your site get ranked in the search engines. Your content could stay on Google or Bing forever! Let us know if you like to get your business get ranked in the search engines.

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  1. JamesEdwinAU Jul 5,2014 5:32 pm

    Great information for business startups like me. I appreciate the tips you presented on this blog. I always wanted to find out the most effective way to promote my site with cost efficient budget. I don’t have much time to research on the internet. I found that your blog is helpful in terms of achieving my business objective.

  2. Rosie777 Jul 7,2014 9:33 pm

    I used to make videos to promote my site. As you said, Animoto is a good one (and it’s free). I also found Loopster to be a reliable online video maker. Their free version comes with 480 pix of resolution and 5GB storage. I made my videos using their iPhone app….. How cool is that? Cheers, Rosie

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